FRST Documents

FRST Fact Sheet

An overview of what the FRST project is, its various phases, and who is involved.

FRST Legacy Data Collection Guide

This guide provides collaborators with instructions for submitting quality data from past

research on crop response to fertilizers.

Data Submission to Ag Data Commons

Ag Data Commons Website

Ag Data Commons Data Submission  

Information Needed for Submission of data to the National Agricultural Library.

FRST Facilitated Submissions

Jagadamma, S., & Savoy, H. J. (2020). Comparison of four extractants used in soil          phosphorus and potassium testing for two soils in a corn-wheat-soybean                            rotation in Tennessee receiving various amounts of P and K fertilizer. Ag Data                    Commons.                                                                                                                                

Savoy, H. J., Leib, B. G., and Grant. T. 2021). Alfalfa response to potassium rate and            timing of application. Ag Data Commons.                                                                         


Lyons, S. E., Osmond, D. L., Slaton, N. A., Spargo, J. T., Kleinman, P.J.A., Arthur, D.K., &        McGrath, J.M. (2020). FRST: A national soil testing database to improve fertility                recommendations. Agricultural & Environmental Letters, 5.